Audition Items for Attention (AZ1A)

Items for Attention when Evaluating Audition Tapes

Auditions are not easy to evaluate. The criteria are defined but there is much room for subjectivity. As you listen to a tape, ask yourself if the reader is someone you could enjoy listening to for a long period of time. Do not feel that you are being too critical. We want to select the best readers and while many people improve with practice, they must be good at the start.

For an audition, the reader chooses the first selection and should prepare it before arriving for the audition. The other three selections are standard readings that are given to the reader when she arrives. She does not have time to prepare these before reading them.

Text for the first reading selection is sent to the evaluator at the time the audition tape is sent. All evaluators should have a print copy of the standard readings.

Listen to each evaluation tape at least twice. The first time listen all the way through to get general, overall impressions. The second time through, follow the print text and complete the evaluation form.

Every item on the front side of the evaluation form, including ACCURACY, must be given a 5-1 rating. 5 is excellent. 1 is poor.

To determine ACCURACY, as you are following the print copy of the text, make slash marks next to each of the six errors listed (mistakes, additions, substitutions, stumbles, omissions, transposed words) each time that error occurs.

For the first 5 items on the back side of the evaluation form, check yes or no. On the next four items - mispronunciations, speed, overall evaluation, and conditions of acceptance - write any comments you have.

Make a specific recommendation for each evaluation by putting an X in front of at least one of the four available choices. Clearly indicate whether you think the person should narrate or not. Undecided is a last resort. Mark that if you are really ‘on the fence.’

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