Assistive Technology Resources

General Resources

Ability Tools: A great resource for new and up and coming A.T. They also have quality free webinars. -VA1I Recently renamed from Assistive Technology Network to Ability Tools. -CA1A

AFB: Technology Resources for People with Vision Loss: Overview of A.T., links to AFB's monthly technology magazine //Access World//, events, news, etc. -CA1A

AppleVis: A community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple's range of Mac computers, the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Apple Watch. -CA1A

Center on Technology and Disability: Assistive Technology Glossary: “It is important for parents to understand the “language” of assistive technology so they can be informed advocates for their child’s technology needs. The following glossary of terms can help parents learn about the kinds of assistive technologies that are available and how they can be used. At the end of this glossary, you can find product details as well as photo credits for each of the images used.”

Free Currency Reader - U.S Bureau of Engraving and Printing: Currency readers became widely available to all U.S. citizens, or persons legally residing in the U.S. who are blind or visually impaired, on January 2, 2015. -CA1A

Hadley School for the Blind iFocus Instructional Videos

NLS Reference Circular: Assistive Technology Products for Information Access: Great place for an overview of Assistive Technology products and information. Last updated 2014.

Assistive Technology Funding Guide TX1A: This guide primarily covers general information on and funding for computer technology and equipment. Many of the sources also feature information on and funding for other types of assistive technology and durable medical equipment. Some of the sections are specific to Texas, but there are national resources as well.

Family Guide to Assistive Technology: Includes a directory of Parent Training and Information Centers by State (page 63) – last updated in 1997

American Foundation for the Blind Assistive Technology Page: Includes a directory of services by state.

Assistive Technology List Serv: For staff of NLS Network who provide patrons, either in person or by phone, with assistive technology reference and training services.

Cool Blind Tech Podcast: Cool Blind Tech is a podcast about universal design of products, environments, programmes and services to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design, not excluding assistive devices for particular groups of individuals with disabilities where this is needed. Focuses on maximizing the independence, productivity and participation of the blind and low vision community, to empower the blindness community through the acquisition and enhancement of skills in using adaptive technologies.


Mobile Apps

NLS Reference Guide: List of Accessible Mobile Reading Apps - describes software applications (apps) for mobile devices or phones that can be used by consumers who are visually impaired to read books, newspapers, magazines, or other print material.


IDEAL Currency Reader - (Free) Currency reader for Android recommended by U.S. BEP

KNFB Reader - ($19.99) KNFB Reader is a mobile app that reads print aloud. It’s easy to use. Take a photo and the app reads the text aloud in clear synthetic speech. And it’s fast – the print will be yours almost instantaneously.

BIG Launcher - ($9.99) Enlarged icons, full screen notifications, high contrast color schemes and different font sizes.


TapTapSee - (Free) Designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their daily lives. Simply double tap the screen to take a photo of anything, at any angle, and hear the app speak the identification back to you (Note: Spoken identification requires VoiceOver to be turned on).

EyeNote - (Free) Currency Reader from U.S. BEP

Aipolly Vision app - (Free) Aipoly is an object and color recogniser that helps the blind, visually impaired, and color blind understand their surroundings. Simply point your phone at the object of interest and press the large toggle button at the bottom of the screen to turn on the artificial intelligence.

KNFB Reader - ($99.99) KNFB Reader is a mobile app that reads print aloud. It’s easy to use. Take a photo and the app reads the text aloud in clear synthetic speech. And it’s fast – the print will be yours almost instantaneously.

Voice Dream Reader - ($14.99) accessible reading tool for PDF and Word documents, DRM-free EPUB and DAISY eBooks, Web pages and more. It's directly integrated with Bookshare, Dropbox, G-Drive, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, and Gutenberg.

Low Vision Center - (Free) Designed to make the contact and calendar to be more readable.

Nearby Explorer - ($79.99) Full-featured GPS app designed for people who are blind. It describes the environment in ways comparable to reading signage or observing road characteristics. It uses onboard maps so a data connection is not required. Maps are available for the U.S and Canada. This app works on iOS version 9.0 or greater and requires 4 GB of space for map storage.

Marty's Blindfold Games - Non-profit creates several free video games for the visually impaired, including Color Crush (like Candy Crush), Pinball, Bingo, Connect Four, Crazy Eights, etc.

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