Advisory Council: Purpose & Structure (MO1A)

Library Advisory Council

The Purposes and duties of the Council are as follows:

  • To be a representative for the Library patrons and to provide a conduit for information from the patron to the Library Director and staff.
  • To advise on the current services provided by the Library and how these services may be improved.
  • To study programs and services developed by other libraries for the blind and disabled and by the National Library Service. Make recommendations for their adoption based on analysis.
  • To communicate the value of reading and Library services to people throughout the state, particularly those eligible for services.

Structure of Council:

  • The Council shall consist of XXX members.
  • One member of the Council shall serve as chair on a rotating basis.
  • Representatives to the Council shall be appointed at the discretion of the XXX.
  • Each member of the Council shall serve three year terms, culminating on 31st of December.
  • Terms shall be staggered to ensure continuity.
  • The Council shall meet quarterly.
  • The Council shall meet in XXX or at an alternative agreed upon destination.
  • Travel costs and other expenses incurred by the Council members will be reimbursed using state guidelines.
  • The State Librarian and the Director of the Wolfner Library will meet and provide staff support to the Council.
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