Advisory Council Organization Appointment Letter (MO1A)


The new XXX Library Advisory Council will have four appointees to represent four organizations. The National Federation of the Blind in XXX shall appoint one member. The XXX Council for the Blind shall appoint one member. The Commissioner of Education and the Director of the Department of Social Services will each be asked to appoint a representative.

I am asking you to appoint your Library Council representative for the August 15, 2XXX meeting.

The purposes of the Council are as follows:

  • To advise on how Missouri citizens using or eligible to use Wolfner services know about the library in ways that meet individual needs
  • To be representative for the Wolfner Library patrons and welcome comments on library services from a diverse Missouri population
  • To advise on the current services provided by the Wolfner Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and how these services may be improved
  • To consider and advise the Secretary of State on new assistive technologies which may improve, expand or create services
  • To study programs and services developed by other libraries for the blind and physically handicapped and by the National Library Service and to make recommendations for their adoption
  • To communicate the value of reading and Wolfner library services to people in the state including those who are eligible for Wolfner services

The State Librarian and the Director of Wolfner Library will meet with and provide staff support to the Council.

The Council would meet four times each year. Travel costs and other expenses incurred by the Council Members will be reimbursed using state guidelines. I am sorry that we cannot offer honorariums.

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